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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog! This is where I will be giving you an in depth look into my process and share with you some of the secrets of art that I have learned throughout my artistic journey.

A little bit about me... I'm 29 years old (about to be 30 next month -- eek!) and currently living in San Tan Valley, Arizona. I have my Master's Degree in Anthrozoology (the study of human and non-human animal relationships) and use this knowledge and my art to bridge the gap between humanity and the non-human animals in this world. I believe that once we recognize ourselves as part of the animal kingdom and truly understand that these beings we share this beautiful planet with are here with us, not for us, that we can heal the world and do amazing things.

I have been an artist since birth. I have always drawn, painted, danced, etc. and began commission work in high school. Since then I have journeyed through psychology, clinical forensic psychology, and anthrozoology, but have always come back to my art. A little over three years ago I decided to embark on artwork full-time and create a career out of both making beautiful pieces of fine art and educating people on the soul behind the animals I paint. For I believe that every animal has a soul, a purpose, a journey, and emotions behind who they are. They are more like us than we will ever know, and it is my passion to show the viewer the being who lies behind the species barrier.

I began my work in watercolor and ink about six years ago, and the style stuck. Recently, I have been exploring adding additional mediums to my work and creating collages with intricate detail and texture. And this is where the blog journey begins. I hope you will join me in exploring how to push the boundaries of what these mediums can do and what kind of art I can create!

Thank you for joining me and welcome to the family!

Jennifer & Winston

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Jennifer Krueger
Jennifer Krueger
07 ago 2020

Hey Donna! Thank you so much!! And I did do the website myself - although I had a little help with a template I found 😊.

Me gusta

I'm excited to be part of your group! Your website is beautiful. Did you do it yourself? If so, we need to talk!! I'm very much looking forward to hearing about your techniques and new things you are doing. You're amazing!

Me gusta
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