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Whispers of the Soul

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."  - Anatole France

This series presents the viewer with an intuitive understanding of each animal’s soul and emotional depth. Once we connect our soul to theirs, conservation comes easily, because we finally understand that we are no different than any other species on this planet. The mandala, as seen in many of the paintings, represents the Universe in its ideal form, a transformation from suffering into joy. I believe this is a balance we can create using our intellectual minds in combination with the wisdom of the Intuitive Soul. Many of the other symbols are representations of the human journey through life and the perfection of the Universe as it is. Rebalancing ourselves creates a ripple effect where the only choice in the development of the Soul is to not only be kind and compassionate to each other, but to see ourselves in every aspect of the Universe, including the plants and animals we share our lives with. 

This series began as my own personal journey through illness and healing, but has developed into a spiritual awakening, fulfilling my own dharma to bring compassion, love, and joy through art and the depths of the unconditional loving spirit. Every animal in this series represents a piece of myself, a piece of my soul, and my own journey towards enlightenment. As we align with our true selves, our truest being, I believe that we will begin to understand that we are all One: humans, animals, plants, ecosystems. We are all just representations of each other. If we heal ourselves, we can heal the world. 



(2022). 24in x 30in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

In Buddhism, lions are signified as the dharma protectors, supporting the throne of the Buddha and his bodhisattvas, beings who have attained a high level of spiritual enlightenment. They symbolize the wisdom, fearlessness, and divine pride of the bodhisattvas who have made a vow to renounce the happiness of the highest enlightenment and remain in this working world until all sentient beings are free from suffering. As we work through our dharma, the nature of reality and one's conformity to duty and nature, we can rest in the protection of the lion and move forward in this world with wisdom, kindness, and compassion. 

$2550 | Contact for purchase inquiries


(2022). 11in x 14in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

With our hands over our heart center, we recite the mantra "hum" to bring in love, protection, and kindness, and to purify ourselves of hatred and anger. The flamingo reminds us to celebrate the beauty, romance, and fun in life; to dedicate ourselves to unconditional love and compassion. 

$550 | Contact for purchase inquiries


(2022). 12in x 16in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

Boldness, communication, and following your inner voice; the toucan reminds us that our unique voices and talents have great value, encouraging us to contribute to our own medicines to the world in new creative ways. The unalome represents our journey through life toward the ultimate freedom of mental clarity and enlightenment. It is only once we celebrate our uniqueness, and bring forth our talents and voices in kindness and truth, that we can fully develop the clarity we need to grow into who we are meant to be. 

$675 | Contact for purchase inquiries


(2022). 12in x 16in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

Serenity, watchfulness, and harmony, the deer reminds us to be sensitive and live in balance with the light, spirit, and body. The merkaba, a perfectly unionized and balanced energy field, brings together the masculine earth and feminine cosmos to create harmony within opposing forces. Together, these two teach us to balance our energies and create harmony and peace within our lives. 

$675 | On display at Sedona Arts Center Gallery. Click Here to Purchase


Light (SOLD), Joy, & Hope

(2022). 10in x 10in (each). Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

Light and joy, the hummingbird reminds us to live life to the fullest and enjoy the simple pleasures with hope and gratitude. It is with one singular Source, represented by the flower of life, that all creation is brought into being and nonbeing. The flight of the hummingbird reminds us that the spirits of loved ones near and far are always with us and that the presence of this Source never disappears. 

$350 (each) | Contact for purchase inquiries


(2022). 16in x 20in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

The white tiger reminds us to trust our intuition and clairvoyance, gifts we are all born with, but quickly suppress to fit into our Western culture. If we fearlessly follow the path of the white tiger with unwavering courage through spiritual enlightenment, we can regain these remarkable gifts and once again achieve balance between body, mind, and spirit. 

$1150 | Contact for purchase inquiries


(2022). 12in x 12in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

Suffering and happiness, good and evil, night and day, wisdom and ignorance: our world is dualistic in nature. The art of living comes from being able to experience one while facing and holding space for the other without ever closing our hearts. The mandrill encourages us to take our unique approach in life and follow our soul's purpose; while at the same time, is representative of our overactive, restless, and unsettled minds. The dahlia flower reminds us that it is through kindness and grace that we can begin to liberate ourselves from the suffering our monkey minds create. We chant "om mani padme hum" as a means of liberation from our overactive mind that keeps us trapped in the suffering of this dualistic life. 




(2022). 24in x 30in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

OM, the sound of the Universe, invokes the supreme essence of the cosmic world. The woodpecker is a powerful bird that reminds us to never give up and find value in the most hopeless of times. It is an image of strength, wisdom, foresight and courage to make remarkably good outcomes out of the tragedies of life. The ocotillo gives us insight into the acceptance of our emotions without being victimized by them. Together, these two are an unbreakable force that remind us to let our emotions pass while having the courage to face what is in front of us. 



(2022). 12in x 12in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

The iguana, a reptile of ease and contentment, reminds us to live our lives through stillness and observation. It is once we slow down and surrender to the ways of the Universe that we will know a life of satisfaction, ease, and tranquility

$750 | Contact for purchase inquiries


(2022).20in x 24in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

As inspiration to cultivate our gratitude for nature, the bear also gives us the courage to evolve and the ability to be open-minded. We are encouraged to trust our instincts, be protective of our faith, and understand that we are part of this natural world around us, one with the Universe, and keepers of the wild.

$1700 | Contact for purchase inquiries


(2022). 11in x 14in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

The endless knot, a knot with no beginning or end, symbolizes the endless wisdom and compassion of the Buddha. The owl, regarded in high order and a messenger from the deities, represents the wisdom we attain as we continue through samsara, the endless cyclic existence one suffers before attaining enlightenment. It is with the compassion of the Buddha that we remember to have endless compassion for ourselves as we grow and heal in our individual paths to freedom.

$550  | Contact for purchase inquiries


(2022). 20in x 20in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

As vehicles of deities with supernatural powers, wolves remind us to nurture our loyalty and strong family ties through intuition, love, empathy, understanding, flexibility, and curiosity. It is up to us to cultivate the wolf of patience and courage to fulfill our natural openness, warmth, and intelligence.

$1450 | Contact for purchase inquiries


(2022). 16in x 20in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

As representations of the enlightened Buddha, elephants remind us to cultivate peace, tranquility, and patience in our lives. As guardians of the Buddha and Earth, the physical and mental strength of the elephant indicate karmic responsibility leading to a wisdom that evokes a luminosity and peace that can only be attained through dedicated meditation. As we continue our journey to enlightenment, the elephant is a guiding symbol of power, strength, peace, and compassion.



Wisdom Raven

(2022). 11in x 14in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

Infinite wisdom, compassion, and the interconnectedness of all things - the raven and the endless knot bring forth the spiritual guidance and protection of the knowledge that we are all one, continuing the cycle of cause and effect - building our individual and collective karmic patterns. Through this wisdom, we can see that whatever we say/do to someone else, we do to ourselves - which creates in us a genuine compassion for all living beings.


In Bloom. 

(2022). 30in x 40in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. 

SOLD | Read about this piece here

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