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The Journey Home

"I always find the way, and the way always finds me." - Sah D'Simone

After my last rather cryptic blog post, I will just say that 2023 was filled with both joyful and devastatingly heartbreaking moments. I am back in Arizona: rebuilding my life, ready to start fresh, and hopeful for the array of opportunities that have already lined up so seamlessly for 2024.

THE JOURNEY HOME. Watercolor and Ink with Gold Leaf. 9in x 12in.

In November, I started Energy Medicine Training through the Four Winds Light Body School and can already feel such a transformation in myself. I initially started this painting back in August (while still living in Washington) after a shamanic journeying practice. This vision, at that time, although clear - had a depth to it that I did not quite understand. It gave me a feeling of protection... but also a gateway to go deeper. A gateway I quickly closed, may I add. I couldn't even get myself to work on the painting until recently, but the image never left my mind...

Fast forward to now. I received an illumination (a process that releases stored trauma from the affected chakra) from a fellow student in the School to work on a wall that I feel I cannot pass. It was an issue surrounding my previous illness and feeling like there is still a block, something holding me back, a fear maybe, that I haven't been able to cross. During the illumination process, this vision came back, but it was completely transformed. Although the vision itself was the same, the energy and meaning changed from protection to healing, empowerment, and a joy I have not felt in a long time (I definitely cried). At that moment, I knew I was finally able to finish the painting.

I titled the piece "The Journey Home" before I even found out that jaguar medicine is all about our journey back home to our true selves. A medicine practice we are entering in the program. So, a little synchronicity, beauty, and hope for the last day of 2023.

Happy New Year, everybody. I hope 2024 brings you the ability to take a journey to self-love, compassion, and finding your true self.


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