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Seattle Bound...

It's official! I will be moving to Seattle next week -- crazy that it's coming up so fast! I would love for this series, Whispers of the Soul, to completely sell out before I move... not just so I don't have to move any of these pieces with me, but also so that I can make room for my next series: Seatherny.

I am offering a "moving sale" right now for this series and am taking offers on each piece. You can see the original price on my website (, but please don't hesitate to contact me!

Available pieces in order from Left to Right:

Line 1: Dharma (24in x 30in), Wisdom (11in x 14in), Gratitude (20in x 24in)

Line 2: Patience (20in x 20in), Ease (12in x 12in), Joy (10in x 10in)

Line 3: Hope (10in x 10in), Love (11in x 14in), Intuition (16in x 20in)

Line 4: Clarity (12in x 16in)

Let's sell some art! Bundles are available!



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