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A Collaboration for a Good Cause

Many of you on social media saw this painting come together; well, today is the day! My painting of Jody for the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest located in Seattle, Washington is ready for bidding!

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest is a sanctuary for chimpanzees who have been discarded by the entertainment, pet, and research industries. They provide lifetime quality care for chimpanzees and work to educate the public about the plight of primates worldwide. They "envision a world where chimpanzee sanctuaries are no longer needed. Sanctuaries are only necessary in a world where chimpanzees are exploited and then discarded. [They] envision a world where chimpanzees are not bred by humans to be used for entertainment or kept as pets, and where medical advancement is productive and successful without including experimentation on chimpanzees. [They] envision a world where chimpanzees are raised by their mothers and live freely with their families in their natural habitat. [They] envision a world where our closest genetic relatives are respected and honored and allowed to thrive and behave as they were born to. [They] envision a world where chimpanzees are allowed to be, simply, chimpanzees." Read more here:

Jody, the chimpanzee whose portrait I was lucky enough to paint for this auction, was born in 1975 and celebrates her birthday on Mother's Day. "Jody was used primarily for breeding during her years of use by the biomedical research industry, and had a total of nine babies during this time. In between her pregnancies, the industry managed to also use her in hepatitis vaccine research. Jody enthusiastically greets her sanctuary caregivers in the morning and likes to be gently groomed by them. She is thought to be the second in command next to Jamie, occasionally vying for the top position. Jody likes to make nests out of the blankets, sheets, clothes, and magazines that are provided to her at the sanctuary. In fact, she gathers as many of these as she can find and makes huge nests — sometimes with fifteen or more blankets at a time."

You can become Jody's pal here:

I am so lucky to have been invited by Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest to donate another painting! The last one I donated raised $1000, so I am excited to see how much this one contributes. 100% of ALL proceeds raised go to the Sanctuary. The auction is open from September 2 - 12, 2020.

You can bid on the painting HERE:

(A special thanks to my friend Michael Blair for creating some amazing music for the YouTube speed painting! You can hear more of his work here: and

Thank you for all of your support and happy bidding!


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