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Between Friends... with the Jane Goodall Institute.

An intense moment of gratitude and awe...

Between Friends. 2022. 24in x 30in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas.

A spark of an idea that quickly became a reality. Last night, thanks to the magic of the Universe and a little networking, I was able to create a piece for the Dr. Jane Goodall speaking event at the Arizona Financial Theatre. One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the painting will go to the Institute of Human Origins ASU for their preservation and housing of Dr. Jane Goodall's Research Archive.

I am truly, truly grateful to Ian Gilby, Julie Russ, and Lindsay Mullen at ASU's Institute of Human Origins for not only being completely on board with my idea but also trusting me to create a brand new piece for the auction. They also included my partner and myself in the VIP pre-show event, which was more than I could have ever expected. It was a beautiful and inspiring event that I will be forever grateful for.

If you want to read more about ASU's preservation of Dr. Goodall's work or would like to donate, please check out their site HERE!

"What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." -- Dr. Jane Goodall


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