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Sedona Arts Center Gallery

Happy New Year!

I am so excited to announce that my work has finally reached a gallery space! It's been a long road (and a lot of rejections), but on January 27, 2023 the Sedona Arts Center Gallery accepted American Beauty and Harmony into their collection. They are both already on display, so if you are in the area, definitely go check them out!

I will have more pieces in the Gallery once they are finished - so be ready for more hummingbirds and Arizona wildlife paintings to come.

American Beauty. 2021. 36in x 48in. Mixed Media on Canvas. $8640

Harmony. 2022. 12in x 16in. Watercolor and Ink Mixed Media on Canvas. $675

About: It is no coincidence that the Buddha's first sermon was given to the deer of the Deer Park at Sarnath. Serenity, watchfulness, and harmony, the deer reminds us to be sensitive and live in balance with the light, spirit, and body. The merkaba, a perfectly unionized and balanced energy field, brings together the masculine earth and feminine cosmos to create harmony within opposing forces. Together, these two teach us to balance our energies and create harmony and peace within our lives.

I am so excited about this opportunity and look forward to growing artistically with this gallery and many more to come!

"The secret of living life is not to live life, but to be life."


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